10 Cheap & Easy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Published: May 9, 2020
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Created by Ben Olson, Courtesy of PurePNG, Pexels, Wikimedia Commons, Mockups Free

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! This may come as a surprise because time doesn’t feel real and mentally it is still spring break. Have you purchased a gift? Have you spent the obligatory $20 on a disappointing, impersonal present? Are you prepared to show your mother how much you love her in the form of a material object that commodifies your relationship? If not, The Fishwrapper has you covered! We have compiled a list of low-budget gift options and alternatives that your mother is sure to adore.

  1. A nice card with a lovely note about how much she means to you.

  2. A pet rock, or perhaps a pebble with a fun sentiment painted on it.

  3. Some of your beloved sourdough starter, so she can experience the joy of motherhood all over again.

  4. Make her a candle out of your own ear wax! Don’t add essential oils or dyes; you want to preserve your natural fragrance. She will love a handmade gift!

  5. Pick her a bouquet (from her own garden). That way she’s guaranteed to love all the flowers!

  6. Draw her a picture of the two of you. Be sure to get her proportions just right, don’t leave out a single curve.

  7. Turn your room into a home gym! It’s not like you ever visit, and chances are she’s already planning on doing it.

  8. A stop-motion video recreation of your birth. Don’t forget to include cries of pain and anguish as well as a realistic amount of pooping! (Hint: it’s more than you think.)

  9. A life-sized paper mache version of you! That way, when she misses you, she can hold it and feel loved. Word to the wise: if she cries, it will get the paper wet and ruin your work. We recommend pairing this one with a box of tissues.

  10. Return the favor that's long overdue: breastfeed your mother and rock her to sleep. We recommend jerry rigging a CamelBack and warming the milk to body temperature (98.6° F) to optimize the experience. Follow up with a bedtime story and be sure to turn on the baby monitor!

Hopefully one of these creative ideas appeals to you (and your wallet). If not, a shitty Hallmark card with a $10 giftcard to Chili’s works just fine.