97% of Climate Scientists Admit ‘Anthropogenic Climate Change’ is Just a Nonsense Phrase from a Dream they Had

by Ricky Spaulding
Published: April 8, 2018
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Created by Isabel Campisteguy, Courtesy of US Defense Department Science Blog

97% of climate scientists shared their collective dream journal at a recent press conference to reveal the phrase “anthropogenic climate change” scrawled across every page. The phrase appeared next to crudely drawn pictures of winged dolphin creatures, vivid descriptions of nightmares, and several other inscrutable symbols. This overwhelming majority of experts from around the world admitted that they don’t even really know what “anthropogenic climate change” means, but that they “thought it must be important because it kept coming up.” Some scientists admitted to experiencing the recurring dream as early as the 1970s, and by the late 1980s nearly all of them had been visited by this nocturnal fantasy. The massive group of highly-educated, published researchers apologized to the nation for “making such a big deal out of something that we now acknowledge never really existed in the first place.” In their final statement, they reassured the public that they would stop this insane “climate change” research and propaganda machine and go back to their real jobs, measuring things with beakers or something.