Ghosts in Haggett, McMahon Upset About North Campus Renovation Plans

Published: October 12, 2018
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Created by Isabel Campisteguy, Courtesy of Mentatdgt, UW Alumni Association, Paxaby, and University of Washington

Following a budget-induced delay in the demolition of Haggett Hall, University of Washington Housing and Food Services (HFS) commissioned a small team of local mediums to interview the ghosts that haunt Haggett and McMahon Halls about the plans to modernize North Campus. The spirit body overwhelmingly disapproved of the impending changes, mediums reported Tuesday.

“When they tore down McCarty, all the ghosts that lived there had to move into McMahon and Haggett,” complained the ethereal spirit of UW alumnus Sven R. Jacobson (1925-2000), who currently haunts the sixth floor of Haggett Hall’s northern tower. According to the report that the mediums compiled, the ghost continued complaining about how cramped the residence halls have become for ghosts, but noted that this made him more sympathetic towards the living students that occupy them today.

When questioned about the need for housing in the afterlife, Jacobson’s ghost reportedly pulled the soul out of one of the medium’s bodies and took her outside to demonstrate that ethereal spirits do, in fact, get cold. Jacobson’s ghost later returned the spirit of the medium to her body, sources report.

The spirit of Rebecca Zajczyk (1990-2009), who died while attending the University, recounted her experience of being evicted from the old McCarty and moving to McMahon. “Things were fine just the way they were, but HFS had other ideas,” the ghost told the mediums through the ethereal plane. “I understand that they have to accommodate the living, but the utter lack of consideration for the dead was frankly disgusting.”

The ghost then launched into a 14-minute rant about the conversion of The 8, which she cited as the deciding factor in choosing to haunt McMahon over Haggett, from a dining hall into a study space.

Despite complaints about limited space and ethereal overcrowding, Zajczyk’s ghost expressed a staunch unwillingness to return to the rebuilt McCarty. “We tend to prefer more quiet places with less activity; it makes resting in peace a whole lot easier. That’s why old, creepy buildings like McMahon are so attractive to us. The new McCarty is nice, but that’s more for the living.”

“And before you ask,” the spirit concluded, “we are absolutely not moving in with the Hansee ghosts. They’re total misanthropes that insist that just because we’re dead, doesn’t mean we weren’t humans at one point. Like living, like dead: that’s what I say.”