New Study Shows Most Women Just One Compliment Away from Sex with Strange Men

Published: March 3, 2018
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Courtesy of David DeHetre via Flickr

An overwhelming majority of women are “one compliment away from sex with pretty much anyone,” according to a recent nationwide survey on women’s sexual preferences. Analysis of the data indicates that offhand comments from random men on the street are the number one turn-on for women, followed closely by prolonged, unbroken gazes at women’s cleavage by male passersby. Women, reportedly, just can’t get enough of it. One woman interviewed claimed, “I spend my whole day walking around, waiting for a man to comment on my ass, and as soon as he does, I take him back to my place and thank him profusely with unlimited sexual favors.” Response data also conclusively indicates that following women home is the best and most consistently successful method of gaining romantic access to them, and that they “appreciate the dedication.”

Women surveyed also nearly unanimously responded that they hope the survey results garner national attention because they are “tired of being respected by men,” which, according to the report accompanying the survey, “happens all the time” and "gets so boring."

These results corroborate conclusions of another national survey conducted last week by the same research party, sampling from women in the workplace. The study found that women want absolutely nothing more than “a good slap on the ass and a wink” to affirm their hard work. “I could tell that my briefs were satisfactory when my boss, Gregg, smacked my ass on the way out yesterday. I felt really valued, like I had done a really good job,” one participant replied, anecdotally.

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