New Wes Anderson Film Literally A Children’s Pop-up Book

by Ricky Spaulding
Published: March 17 , 2018
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Created by Isabel Campisteguy, Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Scheduled for nationwide release this summer, Director Wes Anderson’s new film Victrola Whimsy and the Incorrigible Mayfly is a children’s pop-up book. Through 14 pages of subtly striking pop-up watercolor artwork, the film tells the charming story of 10-year-old Victrola Whimsy, the adopted daughter of a single hot-air balloon pilot, and their journey to meet a mysterious entomologist who lives in isolation on a small Connecticut island.

The ensemble cast is stacked with Anderson’s regulars, all of whom give understated yet impactful performances in the film. Particularly memorable is Edward Norton’s short but pivotal appearance on page 11. His character, Dr. Willem Tittleman, gives Victrola (portrayed by a heavily made-up Tilda Swinton) the carapace of a rare arachnid to wear as a pendant — before leaping from a vividly white chalk cliff into the mauve-tinted sunset waves of the Connecticut sea. The poignancy of his performance is overshadowed only by the intricately folded images, which lie flat when the book is closed and really pop from the page when opened, providing a stomach-churning sense of motion and depth to the illustrations.

Incorrigible Mayfly is a visually harmonious coming-of-age film that will keep audiences rapt from cover to cover. It’s a true contender for the Oscar for Best Picture(book).