Players Devastated After New Minecraft Update Introduces Constantly Rising Sea Level

Published: May 23, 2020
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Created by Katrina Filer, Courtesy of Pixabay

On March 9, 2020, world-renowned video game Minecraft received a ghost patch (version beta, snapshot #237A1B) wherein the code of new and existing game worlds was overwritten to introduce a constantly rising sea level. The sea level, normally at y=0, was set to increase by one vertical unit for every five in-game day cycles. Mojang, the company behind Minecraft, was unaware of the sudden update (Mojang declined to be interviewed for this article).

While the mechanic has been implemented for only a couple of days, its effects were immediate and felt by all. No one was safe; admins, ops, and players of all classes were left distraught as their cobblestone huts, mineshafts, and wheat farms were flooded by the virtual disaster. Multiplayer servers had tremendous upheavals as the chaos inundated factions, city centers, and game arenas.

The catastrophe is now being referred to as Water Gate (not to be confused with Nixon’s political scandal, Watergate) by the Minecraft community.

Water Gate has caused devastation among devoted players’ families as well, with many parents reporting that their children have fallen into catatonic states. Reddit forum r/ChristianMinecraftServers dub this as “Virtual Judgement Day.”

Players recovering from the shock are now voicing their frustrations from the update. Here are some responses the Fishwrapper was able to collect:

“>_< ;-( $$,” said frequent Minecraft user and Water Gate victim Chibi_lover22. Like Ms. Lover22, many players caught in the cave systems drowned, losing precious diamond gear, enchanted tools, and elytra wings.

“We awre in an econwomic crwisis UwU,” lamented x_mcsniper24_x, owner of multiplayer server, “GoochieGang.”

Servers that have managed to stay afloat are in political shambles. Children are now turning to the dark web to acquire decreasing resources such as dirt and cobblestone blocks.

The scarcity of food has caused mass hysteria. Certain servers have now legalized domestic livestock trafficking to ease food rations. Admins and ops are paying players in Bitcoin in exchange for porkchops and steaks. Griefing is at an all-time high. Amidst the chaos of the virtual disaster, many underground PvP factions have made their move to blow up spawning areas and non-hostile zones.

However, through such dark times, there is a beacon of hope. Game developer, Dinnerbone, has tried to conduct relief efforts to those affected by the virtual disaster. Mojang has since released a new patch that stops the incrementation. However, the damage done was enough to displace hundreds of thousands of players. Lives were lost; properties were decimated.

It is not confirmed who is responsible for the patch. Rumors have circulated that Notch, Minecraft’s previous lead developer, is the culprit. Just days before the sudden patch, Notch was noted to have been rambling about “ungrateful capitalist kids,” who “can’t look up from their screens to save their lives,” according to an anonymous tip (Notch also declined to be interviewed for this article).

The Minecraft community has banded together to express concerns, frustrations, and theories in a thread, r/WaterGate. However, posts have been mixed in with topics regarding Nixon’s Watergate, rendering them somewhat ineffective as an outreach forum.