President Trump is “The Least Anti-Semantic Person You Know”

Published: March 10, 2018
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Courtesy of Wikipedia

During a press address last week, in response to questions regarding the rise of Neonazi groups in the United States, President Donald Trump announced, “I am the least anti-Semantic person you know.” The president reportedly went on to explain, “You know, my daughter Ivanka, I mean she’s not technically, but her husband is a Semantic person, and he’s, he’s great, very reliable.”

This statement regarding the president’s son-in-law and senior advisor, Jared Kushner, seems to reference Kushner’s inclination for verbosity and utmost respect for proper conveyance of sentiment through word choice.

When asked by a CNN reporter to elaborate on this statement, the president responded, “You fake news people are way too hung up on small stuff. I said what I said, and that’s it."