Seattle Man Finds Perfect Meme for the Conversation He Was Having, Changes Mind about Government Surveillance

Published: April 8, 2018
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Courtesy of DepositPhotos

On Tuesday, Seattle native Devon Backer reported that the perfect “angry Patrick” meme popped up on his Instagram explore page, which impeccably suited the conversation going on around him as he scrolled on his phone.

“It was like, the second or third picture. I didn’t have to search to find it at all,” he said. “The only logical conclusion was that my phone was listening to me. But the meme got a huge laugh from the group I was with. Before, I was a little hesitant about the whole NSA thing and all that stuff about Google selling my browsing data to advertisers. . . now I think I’m okay with it.”

For three years now, since the nationwide revelation that the US National Security Council (NSA) monitors activity on Americans’ mobile devices in order to collect information about citizens, the nation has been a little on guard concerning privacy in technology. During that period, corporate collection of browsing data has also taken off. Consumers are often prompted with Facebook advertisements that coincide loosely with a Google search they made on a different device, leading most to be perturbed by this perceived invasion of privacy. This experience, however, has given Backer a new perspective.

“When I’m alone, I’ve started talking about how I’ve been searching for the perfect denim jacket. Light wash, ethically produced, but nothing that’s gonna break the bank. I’m hoping that in the next couple days, an ad for the exact jacket I’m looking for will pop up on my Facebook sidebar.”

Backer also mentioned that he has since taken off the Post-It note that he used to cover his laptop webcam. “Gave the guy inside there a nod,” he said.

Update: Backer is now the proud owner of his dream denim jacket.