UW Resilience Lab Holds Workshop for Failing Forward in Red Square When It’s Raining

Published: April 8, 2018
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Created By Kevin Gladwell

UW Resilience Lab held a workshop on March 30 in Kane Hall to address, respect, and overcome the challenges that so many Huskies face crossing Red Square in the rain. “Falling on your ass time and time again takes an emotional toll, and that burden must be named,” explained the organizer of the event, Moon Stephens. “We embrace failure as a necessary step in learning, but we also acknowledge the emotional impact failure has on all of us.”

During the workshop, volunteer organizers handed out free bottles of Tylenol, Advil, and Ibuprofen in addition to encouraging and informational pamphlets. The literature details walking technique, allowing students to read up on the most effective methods of following the concrete paths. Pamphlets outline how to gently slide feet along the red bricks in short strides to avoid dangerous speeds brought on by overconfident exertion of force by the toe and ball of the foot onto the ground. “Don’t get cocky about it,” the print cautions. Schematics mapping possible routes through Red Square are included on the backs of the pamphlets.

The event occurred following the implementation of one of the Resilience Lab’s initiatives to improve accessibility for success. Per the initiative, By George now also sells $8 gripped flip-flops (valued at $2) and duct tape.

Volunteers at the event also went around the room, showing students how to download weather apps, and as a part of UW’s Mindfulness program, partnering with the Resilience Lab to counsel students, student employees will provide regular reminders to “just chill the fuck out, okay” whenever it starts to sprinkle on campus.