Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Singles Trying to Get By

Published: February 14, 2020
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Created by Emily Vaughan, Courtesy of Pixabay, Needpix, Wikimedia Commons, and Canva

Pull out your heart-shaped candles and pink paper decorations — Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re kicking it solo this year, here are a few fun singles activities to try out. Even single people deserve to have a nice time!

  1. Have a solo slumber party! Buy snacks and rent a movie! Do your best to convince yourself that this is different than sleeping alone, which you do every other night. Fun!

  2. Split a bottle of wine with yourself. Time to toast to everything you’ve accomplished (alone).

  3. Buy yourself heart-shaped jewelry. People do it all the time — it’s not sad and isn’t painfully obvious evidence of your desperate attempts to fill the gaping void inside of you. No way, gurl, it’s just fun!

  4. Cook a romantic candle-lit dinner for two and eat the whole thing. Calories don’t count on Valentine’s Day! Besides, no one’s around to see how much shrimp scampi you’re eating.

  5. Forget sexy lingerie — be comfy, boo! Throw on some sweats and do a face mask! Maybe no one else loves you, but you can still love yourself! Plus, it’s nice to give that face some attention — someone has to!

  6. Instead of romantic movies, watch something different! Try a war documentary or a few episodes of one of those prison shows. You don’t need another reminder of how amazing it would be to experience love (and how that day will likely never come for you).

  7. Check out cat adoption in your area. It might be nice to have some company sometimes.

  8. Learn how to perform self-CPR. If something happens and you’re home alone (as always), who else can help you? Think of this as an investment in your future.

  9. Go to bed early. You need your rest, and honestly, this day can’t be over soon enough. Just like the state of your stomach after eating all that shrimp scampi, this holiday is bloated and regrettable and desperately calls for bigger pants. Fuck Valentine’s Day.