White Female Student Calls UWPD on Group of Black Male Students Playing Spikeball in the Quad

Published: June 30, 2018
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Created by Kevin Gladwell, Courtesy of Michael Matti via Flickr

University of Washington Seattle — UWPD responded to a call made by UW senior Jessica Stanhold last Tuesday. The distressed white female student reported a “threatening group of men” engaging in “really aggressive” behavior in a tight-knit circle in the Quad.

When UWPD arrived, Stanhold immediately began to cry, whimpering, “Thank god you’re here. I’ve been waiting literally forever — they’ve been so mean. I was so scared.” In her account of the event, Stanhold claimed that a black student in the group had told her to move out of the way, which “really hurt,” and that the group had threatened her with some kind of weapon called a “spike, which I assume is urban talk for something nasty.” According to Stanhold, another also told her that she was being racist, which Stanhold called “bullying” and “brutish.”

“I just wanted to know if they had a permit,” she said. “You have to have a permit for major group events in the Quad. It’s always been that way. There wasn’t anything racist about it. I don’t even see race.”

The account diverged significantly from that of the group of four black students. According to Jeremy Bright, the UW sophomore who told Stanhold that she was being racist, “If she’s colorblind, then I want her to take my midterm for me, because she’s pretty great at guessing."

“We were just playing Spikeball. And we were right across from another group of white guys also playing Spikeball,” recalled Bright. “She walked right by them — actually I think she bumped into one of them and apologized for interrupting their game — then she came up to us and demanded to see a permit.” Apparently after Stanhold approached the group, Bright called her racist, the rest laughed in her face, and she fled to make the call. “There was no threatening involved. Like, I was holding the spikeball when she came over, but that’s it.”

In response to Bright’s statement, Stanhold reported that it looked like the group “was engaging in some kind of gang ritual.” She went on, “they were making these quick, violent motions, and when I politely inquired if they were following the law, they avoided the question, further leading me to believe they were doing something wrong.”

UWPD has informed a Fishwrapper reporter that they do not intend to investigate the case further, calling it “a fucking waste of time,” and referring to Stanhold as “just another Permit Patty but smaller and with more Patagonia.”